"You were an utter joy to work with, both personally and professionally.  You are really, really incredible at what you do.  I didn't know I could look like that!  I felt so beautiful!  I don't know what we would have done without you and we will shout your name to the hills anytime we hear of someone needing a makeup artist.  Of all the vendors we worked with for the wedding (about 15) I was most impressed with you."

                                         …Kathryn Allen, bride

"Thank you for bringing your unmatched talent to my special day.  I've never felt more beautiful than on my wedding day.  Everyone does a little swoon when they hear you're doing my makeup and it is completely deserved."

                                          …Desiree McClimon, bride

"Claire Balest is not just an artist; she is a fairy godmother. Claire has used her finely crafted skills with makeup to make me feel my most beautiful on several occasions, including TV shoots, the Emmy awards and my high school reunion. After Claire has touched my face, I walk into rooms taller and prouder. Every woman deserves to feel like this!"

                                        ...Carol Reeve, marketing professional

Claire and I have worked professionally for several years – I bring her on my shoots whenever I can!  She is prompt, quick, and always prepared.  I've watched her work with high-end on-air talent, high-end executives, and the "regular people."  Claire is always at ease, and manages to put her all of subjects – regardless of level - at ease as well.  On set, she is just where she needs to be to keep an eye on things, and her smiling face adds a positive vibe to things.  I have recommended Claire time and time again to my colleagues – always getting rave reviews and big thank-yous from them when a project wraps.  

                                          …Erin Jamieson Bryant, producer

On a personal level, Claire is one of the good ones. She is honest, loyal and trustworthy. Claire did my makeup for my wedding – as well as days when I just was feeling drab –and I walk away every time feeling like a Super Model.  It is no secret that those of us who get to work with Claire are the lucky ones.

“You’re the best! I’ve told everyone, ‘A visit with Claire makes all the difference!’ I learned that a makeup artist is well worth the investment! ‘Wow!’ is all I can say for what you did for everyone.”

                                        ...Kathy Baker, mother of the bride

"Claire is one of the best makeup artist I’ve worked with, but just as importantly, the actors love her, which means they arrive on set happy, relaxed and ready to work. If only her commute to Los Angeles was shorter -- I’d hire her all the time."

                                        ...Nathan Marshall, LA based director + producer

“I just wanted to tell you how thrilled everyone was with your work! Especially as pictures keep coming in, we are overwhelmed at what a difference you made. Thank you for sharing that very special day with all of us.”

                                        ...Cynthia Simpson, mother of the bride

“My grandmother is still raving about how gorgeous she looks in the photos thanks to your amazing work! Our pictures were gorgeous, and our makeup stayed beautiful all night thanks to your talent!”

                                        ...Katherine Spencer, bride

“Claire is an extraordinary makeup artist, a true talent and master of her craft! She takes great pride in her work, and since she consistently stays on top of the latest trends and techniques, her work is always flawless, fresh and innovative. She's also a fun loving charismatic person who's always a joy to have on set!”

                                        ...Dara Canada, executive producer

“I just wanted to write to you and tell you how pleased Randi and I were with the makeup. However, as Randi said today, the makeup was great but your presence and nature was wonderful. A direct quote from Randi was, ‘Claire was my Zen!’”

                                        ...Lynn Sustak, mother of the bride